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The "Chicora" Incident 1870

The Chicora Incident 1870

Photo by contributor Anonymous - Posted September, 2005

The Chicora Incident 1870

Photo from Google Street View ©2011 Google - April, 2011

The Chicora Incident 1870

Photo Source - Sault Ste. Marie Historical Images

Plaque Location

The District of Algoma
The City of Sault Ste. Marie
Near the Canadian locks, on Canal Drive off Huron Street

Coordinates: N 46 30.803 W 84 21.282


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Plaque Text

In May 1870, Col. Garnet Wolseley arrived here with an expeditionary force of British regulars and Canadian militia aboard the steamer "Chicora". They were travelling to Fort Garry on the Red River to put down an uprising led by Louis Riel. The canal at the Sault was then on American territory, and Wolsey was compelled to debark and transport his troops and military supplies overland on the Ontario side. The "Chicora" was then permitted to traverse the canal and take aboard her passengers and cargo. This incident promoted the construction of a Canadian canal which was completed in 1895.

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> Posted April 22, 2011
Coordinates for this plaque are N46 30.803 W084 21.282 [Editor's Response: Thanks.]

> Posted March 31, 2010
So pleased to find this. My great/g/g/grandfather built the Let Her Be.

> Posted July 23, 2008
This 220 foot, 740 ton paddlewheeler was originally named "Let Her Be". She was a blockade runner into the South during the American Civil war. She sank at Toronto in 1919, was raised, converted to a barge and cut up for scrap in the late 1930's.
Info from note in Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal July 20, 2008 by Dr. Tory Tronrud

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