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Construction of the Trans-Canada Highway

Construction of the Trans-Canada Highway

Photos by contributor Parks Canada - Posted December 2018

Construction of the Trans-Canada Highway

Although the plaque appears to be attached to the rock,
it is actually about a metre in front of it.

Construction of the Trans-Canada Highway

Photo Source - Wikipedia

Plaque Location

The District of Algoma
The Township of Wawa
On Highway 101 about 2.3 km from downtown Wawa

Coordinates: N 47 58.413 W 84 46.979


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Plaque Text

This highway's construction from St. John's to Victoria between 1949 and 1970 was a great feat of engineering, linking the provinces of this vast country. Here, in 1960, near the halfway point of the 7,821 kilometre-long ribbon of asphalt, a ceremony celebrated the completion of this difficult section through the Canadian Shield. The Trans-Canada Highway boosted the national economy, facilitated tourism and trade, transformed its roadside communities, and enhanced the ability of Canadians to travel. It has inspired countless family road trips and illustrates the importance of the automobile in Canadian society.

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