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Captain John W. Meyers 1745-1821

Captain John W. Meyers 1745-1821

Photo by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted November, 2016

Captain John W. Meyers 1745-1821

Photo from Google Street View ©2013 Google - Posted July, 2013

Captain John W. Meyers 1745-1821

Photo by contributor William Stewart - Posted April, 2008

Plaque Location

The County of Hastings
The City of Belleville
On the north side of Station Street (Road 37)
across from Dafoe Street
2 blocks east of Pinnacle Street (Road 62)

Coordinates: N 44 10.285 W 77 22.976


Plaque Text

Meyers gained fame as a loyalist spy during the American Revolution. He recruited soldiers, gathered intelligence, and carried dispatches through enemy lines for the British army in his native New York. Exploits such as his daring attempt to capture rebel General Philip Schuyler in 1781 made "Hans Waltermeyer" a legendary figure in the folklore of the times. After the war, Meyers moved north to British territory and bought this site for a grist mill in 1789. He traded furs, ran merchant vessels, and built a sawmill, distillery, fulling mill, and inn nearby. The surrounding community became the town of Belleville in 1816. Meyers was one of many loyalists whose defeat in war led to the beginnings of permanent settlement in what is now Ontario.



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> Posted January 19, 2014
Jan 2014 - The Meyer family ancestor that the plaque refers to was deeded land, the Meyer farm, in the late 1700's. It is now threatened with expropriation. For over 7 years Frank Meyer, who still has the historical deed for the land given by King George 111, fights on, even though the deed given to Capt John Meyer was "in perpetuity". The PC Gov't under Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the DND under The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson have "rescinded" the deed.

> Posted July 3, 2013
My great-grandfather was Gilbert Wood and he lived near Myers Cave. He had sisters, and one or two brothers. He was married to Unice. They wanted to leave the farm to his son Raymond Gilbert Wood. He had a sisters: Violet, Jini, Cora, Belle and May. Our crest is green with a white-green tree. I am their great-granddaughter Theresa. I was raised by my grandparents. I am hoping to find more information so I can share it with my two sons and begin our family tree. Can anyone be of some help? They lived there in the early 1900s.
Theresa Boyer, great-granddaughter

> Posted June 18, 2012
Just read an article in Maclean's Magazine regarding Meyers family vs. Federal Government on a land expropriation battle. I can only hope the Meyers family wins, it would be a shame for a loyalist family to lose their land after 200 years of ownership, (which was given to Captain Myers for his loyalty to the crown during the revolution).

> Posted March 10, 2011
I, too, am related to Capt. Meyers. I am trying to obtain all the info I can. My father had a copy of Capt. Meyer's family tree and I'm on it! I am absolutely determined to learn more. I was born in Toronto, myself, but raised in the States. Please help if you can!
Nancy Roblin Kennison

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