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The Burning of St. Davids 1814

The Burning of St. Davids 1814

Photos by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted September, 2012

The Burning of St. Davids 1814

Plaque Location

The Region of Niagara
The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
In St. Davids, on the northwest corner of
Four Mile Creek Road (Road 100) and York Road (Road 81)

Coordinates: N 43 09.517 W 79 06.135


Plaque Text

On July 18th, 1814, during the final American campaign on the Niagara frontier, Major-General Peter B. Porter sent a detachment of militia from the United States encampment at Queenston to attack St. Davids. This force, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac W. Stone, was joined later by a small group of American regulars. Despite opposition from the 1st Lincoln Militia, the enemy captured the village, looted it and burned most of the buildings. Stone was severely censured for this destruction of private property and summarily dismissed from the United States army.

War of 1812

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Here are the visitors' comments for this page.

> Posted June 15, 2012
The plaque is now located on the northwestern side of the four mile creek road and york rd.-Eric [Editor's Response: Thanks. It's now been re-photographed at its new location.]

> Posted June 14, 2012
Still missing from the school site as of June 2012.

> Posted September 15, 2010
A visit to the site in August 2010 also came up empty. One staff member inside the school says a vehicle had knocked the plaque down, which explains why it lay on the ground in 2004. But the marker then disappeared and hasn't been seen in recent years. The coming bicentennial might be a catalyst to its replacement, but a word to the Ontario Heritage Trust wouldn't hurt. -Wayne

> Posted July 2, 2010
Back through there today and did a thorough check of the vicinity. Not anywhere around the school. Had a quick look at the intersection of York Road and 4 Mile Creek (which would seem logical). Nada. MIA. Contact your MP

> Posted June 14, 2010
Hi, I was through St. Davids last week and the sign is definitely not where it used to be. I'd be surprised with a complete removal from St. Davids but it sure doesn't seem to be where it used to be.

> Posted July 10, 2008
I was looking for this plaque the other day (2008-JUL-09) and couldn't find it. The old school seems to have a major modern addition on the west side. I didn't see any former attachment holes on the east side of the building. Joe Seliske, Fonthill, Ontario

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