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Turkey Point

Turkey Point

Photos by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted November, 2010

Turkey Point

Plaque Location

The County of Norfolk
In Turkey Point Provincial Park
at a pull-out on the north side of
an unnamed road to a golf course
1.0 km from the intersection of Turkey Point Road and
Front Road via east on Front Road then south on Old Hill Road

Coordinates: N 42 41.937 W 80 19.495


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Plaque Text

As early as 1798, Lieutenant Governor Simcoe planned to fortify this point. By 1813 nothing had yet been done, and following Procter's retreat from Amherstburg the British decided to construct a navy yard and covering fort here. Difficulties in supplying the post, together with the unsuitability of the location led to abandonment of the project after only a blockhouse and part of a palisade had been built.

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Here are the visitors' comments for this page.

> Posted May 29, 2018
My family had a cottage on Harold Street built sometime in the 40s. I remember as a kid riding into the point atop the old hill which was one street over from Harold. We were always so excited and would see who could spot the lake first from the hill. At that time there were many boat hangers and lots of beach sand at the front of Harold Street. Many days were spent pulling a wagon along the beach collecting pop bottles and redeeming them at Ferris' General Store for candy and Lucky Elephant pink popcorn ...5 cents a box. I recall going to the store and getting a newspaper for my parents. One day in August 1962 the front page of the paper contained news of Marilyn Monroe's tragic death. I remember running all the way back to our cottage with the news as even at 8 years old I knew what a big star she was. In 1970 my dad sold the cottage.
R. Adams juke@golden.net

> Posted March 5, 2016
Hi. Great information on Turkey Point. My dad has very fond memories of this area as a child / teenage. His grandfather had a hotel and restaurant there. It was Hunter Inn and my dad used to help out in the kitchen in the summers with his cousin. For what I can take, this Inn was there up to the late 60's, then his second wife after his death took every thing and sold it. Her name as Adlene. My dad took me there to show me where he grew up and I fell in love with the area as well. Where the cabins used to be and my great grandfathers used to be is now new looking homes. I would of love to see these.
Thank you. Dawn Scott daughter of Don Scott auntiedawn@shaw.ca

> Posted December 3, 2012
Turkey Point is one of the best experiences of my life. As a youngster in the '60s I scaled the hills behind the cottages and knew the trails running behind the sand hills like the back of my hand. I recall long hot summer days picking up discarded pop bottles on the beach to redeem for candy at Ferris' general store. As a footnote I remember being sent to Ferris' Store to pick up a morning paper. Upon seeing the headlines, I ran all the way back to our cottage on Harold Street....I knew Marilyn Monroe was a star and that my parents would be shocked at the news of her death. That was August 1962...fifty years ago...where does the time go?

> Posted December 1, 2012
Turkey Point is one of the most amazing parks in Canada...but if we knew more about its history it would be even more spectacular.

> Posted November 11, 2010
The official name of this place, as given by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board in 1925, is Fort Norfolk National Historic Site. It's curious "Turkey Point" was used for the plaque's title. Perhaps it was because the works weren't much of a fort. It's uncommon for the official name of a site to differ from its plaque title, but the discrepancy happens now and then.

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