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The "Colored Corps" 1812-1815

The 'Colored Corps' 1812-1815

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted August, 2004

The 'Colored Corps' 1812-1815

Photo from Google Earth ©2010 Google - Posted November, 2010

Plaque Location

The Region of Niagara
The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
On the walkway circling the Brock Monument
off the Niagara Parkway just south of Queenston

Coordinates: N 43 09.613 W 79 03.168


Plaque Text

When the War of 1812 began, people of African descent in the Niagara peninsular feared an American invasion. They were anxious to preserve their freedom and prove their loyalty to Britain. Many joined the militia; others offered to raise their own militia company. Authorities responded by forming a "Colored Corps" of about thirty men commanded by white officers. Based in the Niagara region throughout the war, it fought at Queenston Heights in October 1812 and at the siege of Fort George in May 1813. The corps was disbanded soon after the peace, but had nonetheless set a precedent. Black units were a feature of the Canadian military until the First World War.

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> Posted March 24, 2012
Re: question of March 18: My guess is that, beginning with World War I, units were integrated, and there were no more segregated Black units.

> Posted March 18, 2012
What does it mean by until world war 1?

> Posted February 28, 2010
You should explain more of what it is, not just what it says on the Plaque...but good job...very organized ^_^

> Posted March 17, 2009
I like this because it helps me with my homework.

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