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The Brent Crater

Brent Crater

Photo by contributor K'an - Posted August, 2004

Plaque Location

The District of Nipissing
The Township of Papineau-Cameron
At the lookout tower on the eastern rim of the crater on Brent Road
32 km south of Highway 17
2 km east of Ferry Lane in Deux-Rivières on Highway 17

Coordinates: N 46 04.243 W 78 27.655


Plaque Text

First recognized in 1951 from aerial photographs, the crater is a circular depression about 3 km in diameter formed in Precambrian crystalline rocks. Geophysical and diamond drilling investigations show that the crater has a present depth of about 427 metres but is partly filled by sedimentary rocks with a thickness of 274 metres. The rocks beneath the crater floor are thoroughly fragmented over a depth of 610 metres. Like the similar New Quebec (Chubb) crater, the Brent crater is attributed to the high speed impact of a giant meteorite. It is calculated that the impact released energy equaling 250 megatons of TNT and occurred about 450 million years ago when this area was probably covered by a shallow sea.

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> Posted June 21, 2012
~ How would one get to Brent Crater from Ottawa, Ontario ? ~ I know how to get to Algonquin Park - Is it near there? ~ Thank you so much! Teri Massia

> Posted February 1, 2011
K'an here. Happy to see my contribution still online! I'd just like to remind anyone who wants to visit this location in summer months: Mosquitoes are aggressive and abundant. Do NOT forget your bug juice. (I did.)

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