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Fort Chippawa, 1791

Fort Chippawa, 1791

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted August, 2004

Fort Chippawa, 1791

Photo from Google Street View ©2010 Google - Posted December, 2010

Plaque Location

The Region of Niagara
The City of Niagara Falls
In Chippawa, near the parking area near the entrance
to King's Bridge Park on the Niagara Parkway
just east of the bridge over the Welland River

Coordinates: N 43 03.775 W 79 03.021


Plaque Text

The fortifications which stood on this site were built in 1791 to protect the southern terminus of the Niagara portage road, and serve as a forwarding depot for government supplies. Known also as Fort Welland, the main structure consisted of a log blockhouse surrounded by a stockade. During the War of 1812 several bloody engagements were fought in this vicinity including the bitterly contested Battle of Chippawa, July 5, 1814, and possession of the fort frequently changed hands. A barracks, storehouse, officers' quarters and earthworks were added in 1814-15, but shortly thereafter Fort Chippawa was abandoned and fell into decay.

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> Posted February 11, 2013
I was born in Chippawa in 1948 and lived there until 1971. The best place to grow up anywhere. I treasure the fond memories of Chippawa and swimming in the crick.

> Posted December 6, 2008
Love your web site but need more info on the tribe its self.

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